Have you registered for the 17th Annual Lions Multiple District 411 Convention?

District Governor’s Message

My dear Lions and Leos,

May I first thank you all whole-heartedly for electing my, your District Governor. I extend my best wishes to all the District and Club officers for being appointed/elected in office and wish them a great year ahead, as We Serve, For a Brighter Future. I am proud to be a part of this team and look forward to working side by side with each one of you, making sure that We Serve Through Diversity as per our International President’s Theme.

The aim this fiscal year 2019 – 2020, is to make us all more vibrant and enthusiastic, to serve our communities with more vigour and efficiency than ever before. Our growth and prosperity will dictate the real effect we have in our membership and communities.

In accordance with LCI Forward’s strategic plans, we need to shift how we think about our local goals and activities. Change brings about some discomfort, but recognising and acknowledging this will make us better, more effective leaders. Clubs are the backbone of service delivery and membership development and I fully believe that the club leadership should be well informed so that the clubs provide member satisfaction for growth in both membership and service.

Let us use the tools that LCI has provided us like “Your Club Your Way”, to improve member satisfaction and updated club operations, use the MyLion application and MyLion Web to share activities with the district and worldwide, make use of our District GLT to hold training at club level, make your club a quality club by taking the club quality initiative programme, support the diabetes programme and LCIF.

I have a team of Region and Zone Chairpersons who have been trained and will provide your club with all the assistance that you need. The FVDG, SVDG and IPDG are also at your service and of course you can get in touch with me as well. As a District Governor, I have created service, membership and leadership plans, and have shared them with my officers who have created their own plans for implementation at club level. I have also created a competition for the Region and Zone Chairpersons, which should improve Regional and Zonal activity and also enable them to apply for the excellence award at the end of the year provided that all clubs in their zone also achieve club excellence awards.

This District Contest is also featured in the handbook. I challenge you all to take part in this and I look forward to awarding all those who excel. This competition will enable clubs to apply for the club excellence award at the end of the year. I also plan to hold more effective cabinet meetings that will evaluate our progress, re-adjust our plans and celebrate our success.

Special thanks goes to Lion Bhadresh T. Shah for supporting my Handbook through his company’s advertisements. He has also been appointed as our Convention Chair and has promised us a great Convention. It is the first time ever that we are promoting the Annual Multiple District Convention so early in the Zionistic year that is to be held in the level city of Mombasa. I look forward to each of you registering early and together we can have so much fun and celebrate our achievements as a team.

Our success will depend on each one of us fulfilling our role as Lions and take part in uplifting our District further. If we work together, we can have a great year, filled with service and fun. Most of all, I would like each one of you to join hands with my team and I, to embark on a service journey to support the International and District Programmes, only then will We Serve, For a Brighter Future.

Finally, kindly do not bestow any gifts to me on my visitation to your club, I would appreciate a donation to LCIF instead, in support of Campaign100.

Lion Amarpreet Sembi, MJF
District Governor 2019 – 2020

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