The world’s largest service club organization, Lions International has a membership of over 1.4 million people and 46 clubs throughout the world. By the year 2026, the Lions new Centennial Goal is to serve over 200 million people. Our motto ‘We Serve’ is relevant today as it was 100 years ago. Where there is a need there is a Lion.

Globally there are challenges that need to be addressed by us to alleviate the human suffering In order to achieve this ultimate goal in District 411A we need to address the following;


There’s a dire need to work tirelessly to increase our membership base order to increase service delivery. More members translate to more activities and to wide area or more population. To increase our membership we need to:-
Membership Recruit;
• Recruit more members in the existing clubs, one member to invite at least a member.
• Every Lions Club to recruit at least 3 new members per year.
• Strengthen the weaker clubs by reducing member drop out
• Making meetings more members friendly.
• Appoint members in various committees to keep them actively engaged.
• Timely conflict resolution to reduce club cartels, member apathy and dropouts.

Recruitment and Orientation;

Membership recruitment needs to be done selectively, followed by orientation of the new members. Reorientation need to be done in clubs whose membership is less than 15 or clubs that are less than 3 years old.

Form new County Based clubs;

We need to take our membership recruitment drive to the Counties, let us go County that is where we shall experience highest membership growth. As New Century Warriors, going County will give greatest satisfaction; the power of ‘WE’ gets a multiplier effect. We cover greater area of where our services are needed when we are more. As Lions we need to create positive impact, be highly visible. We must be caught doing something good by the society.

Let us create one big LIONS family where our cultural diversity will bring us together, make engagements in service to humanity more interesting as we have one unifying objective that unites all of us with the immortal word ‘WE SERVE’


In order to serve better, Lion members have to learn as much as there is in Lionism. As volunteers, it is better to know what is expected in the organization by the community that we serve, and expectation of every Lion member by Lions International Organization.

Lions need training in the several areas to increase their leadership skills; Community service, team building, conflict resolution and public speaking.

Lion Members are encouraged to participate by attending Leadership development seminars and workshops that are organized by Lions International. There are also several online courses that are available.

The District Governors Team;
There are several learning opportunities that are planned and organized by the District Governors team;
• Training club presidents, secretaries and treasurers.
• Zone and Regional Chairmen be trained in order for them to train Club Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurer regularly.
• Where need be, the Region Chairperson shall be train by members of District Governor’s Team.

The District GLT Coordinator shall work out a schedule with GMT to carry out training needs of District 411A.