The theme for our District this year is “We Serve for a Brighter Future”, which is in line with our international theme “We Serve Through Diversity”. To achieve a brighter future for our District, we need to work on Membership, Leadership Development, Focused and Relevant Service Activities, Build Out LEOS and Support Lions Club International Foundation. We must make this a fun affair, we must enjoy what we do.


Service is the core of our association, and this is why he joined this great association, “TO SERVE”. Being a Lion is also about leading your Club, growing your Club, and developing valuable skills to strengthen your Club. The stronger the Club the larger the impact on your community. New members are the lifeline of your Club, they bring more hands to serve, new ideas and also increase the leadership pool of your Club. After all, weren’t you invited too?

This year the membership goals have been set by the Club Presidents and we will monitor those goals on a regular basis to make sure that they are achieved. We therefore all need to work as a team and motivate each other to progress.

Increase Club Charters

Extend Clubs to where there is a need, create branch Club and specialty Clubs.

Build Relationship in Our Clubs

Your Club members are like your family, understand each other, be a part of their lives. Celebrate with your members. This is the key to member satisfaction

Make Club Quality a Priority

The key to keeping your Club healthy and strong, involves operating your Club effectively and keeping members satisfied. There are several resources available to you to do just that! Resources for Clubs include: Club Quality Initiative, Blueprint for a Stronger Club, Community Needs Assessment and Your Club Your Way.

Increase Leadership Development for a Brighter Future

Identify the training needs that your Clubs has and invite the District Global Leadership Team to facilitate training and workshop at your Club. Resources for members include New Member Orientation, Mentoring Programme, Online Courses at the Lions Learning Centre.

Training Leaders of Tomorrow

Take part in Leadership Institutes, this is a splendid way to hone your leadership skills.
Your Club Presidents have also undergone training last year to ensure that they are able to run Club more efficiently.


Sponsor Leo Clubs

Though service, youth develop personally and professionally, experience comradeship, and have the opportunity to make communities a better place to live. I plan to start a LEO District to encourage our LEO members to develop their leadership skills, discover how teamwork and co-operation can bring about change in their community and develop positive character traits and receive recognition for their contributions.

Support Our Global Causes

Continue supporting and reporting our Global Causes especially Diabetes